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Jeevodaya Mission Hospital was started at Chelakkara on 1st August 1992 in a humble way as a dispensary under the patronage and ever graceful guidance of the Late Bishop Rev.Fr. Joseph Kundukulam. He was renouned as the father of the poor and downtrodden people. It was the time when the farmers, mostly from the southern districts of kerala , attracted by the fertile land of chelakkara started to migrate and settle here, the Rev. Bishop realised the fact that there were no facilities to provide proper medical aid to these poor migrant farmers. The plight of thesr farmers literally moved his kind heart. He bought his necessity of setting up a hospital before the superior of the congregation of sisters. Inspired by the divine call of the holy father, the initial steps were taken to start a hospital inorder to reach medical care to the poor and needy people of this place. As a result of the sincere efforts of the priest of chelakkara church Rev.Fr. George Kannath, Jeevodaya convent was begun and before long a dispensary started functioning in this convent.
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